Friday, August 31, 2007

Of the 80th...Burning Man

Leaving the 80th to get the road to Burning Man, it is 10 pm. At the Burning Man, problems with the connection to the internet. We just arrive last night at 12:30. Is a 46.000 people city, the city life time is one week every year. During the week they are taking place art installations and crafts installations. Artists from all over the world meet in the middle of the dessert with one common goal: Burn the man.
Our fab lab camp is settled behind the artic zone at 4E. Different people is coming over to know the lab, to make anything...

Nevada State

We entered Nevada at today´s noon. A little stop to take some salt samples to be used on energy projects, maybe they can change many things in the future. The clocks had to be changed, now is one hour less. We got a pullover at the highway, the plice man did not asked Amy for her license, he looked more interested in the trailer and about what we are doing here. The man just indicated us the way to Burning Man. the way to Nevada (30 aug)

We have crossed Salt Lake City in the way to Nevada
At the gas station in Wendover, we met with some firemen of the town. We had a very nice talk with a fire woman about the possibilities of digital and personal fabrication. She would improve the water purification system if she would be able to have a Fab Lab, it was the first issue for her. As a fire woman she would make a system to remove the trash when a building is burned. "Energy will be great as long as it can be accessible to the people in terms of use, and if it generates jobs..." -she said.

Is about Landscape

After an all night long drive we just passed Buford, a Town village with total population of...1. Coffe and the roads continue through the 80th, west direction.
It has been difficult get connected to the internet. Short stops. We are looking for a USPS office at Point of Rocks, a trailer-town. Finally we got it at Rock Springs.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nebraska State Fair

The Nebraska state fair is taking place at Lincoln. We made a stop to have some food, and try to give more stability to the trailer adding a brand new weight distribution system, in place!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

After the rain...Omaha

Passing through a lighning storm and lot of rain we finally decided to stay in Omaha. Have been 361 miles since Ruffit Camp

Houston we have a problem...

One of the tires had to be changed since there were signals that at some moment it could explode. We stopped in a gas station to make the change. We are in the way to Nevada.

Who is inside the mobile?

From right to left: Amy Sun (MIT CBA), Kenny Cheung (MIT CBA) and Tomas Diez (IaaC Barcelona)

Sleeping at Ruffit

After a long drive is time to look a place to sleep.

Leaving Chicago

The road trip starts. We are leaving Chicago on Monday 27th at 15:20, more or less. With almost 5 minutes on the road we see a guy from a car pointing on the trailer side door: it was opened! A stop by, door locked, we have just with the traffic of the city in front of us...

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Setting up the trailer for a long road trip. Tomorrow morning the adventure starts looking for new horizons where to bring the amazing reality of the Fab Labs and digital fabrication