Friday, August 31, 2007

Nevada State

We entered Nevada at today´s noon. A little stop to take some salt samples to be used on energy projects, maybe they can change many things in the future. The clocks had to be changed, now is one hour less. We got a pullover at the highway, the plice man did not asked Amy for her license, he looked more interested in the trailer and about what we are doing here. The man just indicated us the way to Burning Man.


Lass said...

Hi there gang.Some gorgeous photos! Envious of fabbers in Nevada. Can we make something that will filter or purify the water... hmm. Probably, but not sure where to begin. Myself, I think I'd like to make active clothing, not that anyone needs it, but it is expressive. I want a dress that lights up in sync with musical beat. Be sure Saul doesns project!

Lass said...

Be sure Saul doesn't rope you into another dangerous project. We need you back East.
Safe travels!